About the young lady who writes this blog…

I believe the biggest deal in anyone’s life (Christians especially) should be Jesus. He should be the air you breath – not out of a forced habit like prayer or diet or exercise can be, but because it is the naturalest thing to do.

Ever notice how we never have problems with breathing until we start to think about it? The cerebellum handles all our unconconcious body functions such a s blinking, swallowing, and breathing. Trouble starts up when that subconsious control gets picked up by our overly aware cerebrum.


By the way, how is your breathing?


It’s when we start overthinking how to make our lives about Jesus that we stress out. If we (Christians especially) truly want to serve Him and live for Him with all that we are, all that we have, we should read His Word (the Bible), take Jesus for our pattern, and live it out. It’s the naturalest thing to do. No formulas, no self-help spirituality, no 12-step programs.

As for this girl…. It’s Jesus, and I’m right behind Him.


P.S.   Some Christians may say the first sentence is over-the-top. That Jesus is Sunday/Wednesday stuff. I firmly disagree. I believe Jesus Christ should permeate everything about you, your whole life. And I aim to live that way from this moment on – with whoever will take this path, too.

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