Dear You,

Confession:  I never suspected cultivating a blog would become part of my life. And yet I want to write…  with the sincere belief that without words to create and elucidate the world would fall silent.


Can I be honest? Writing for an audience of unknown globe-scattered readers is – without contest – the most amazing and potentially anxiety-riddling endeavor I could ever set out on. Nothing is known. There are no givens. But you have the opportunity to see what no one else alive has ever encountered: the world through my eyes. If I could, I would follow you around, climb inside your skin and feel the world like I’ve never felt it before. That, as it is, is not my gift to give. But I can let you put on my skin and experience a concoction of beliefs, ideals, skirmishes and outcomes like none other. Adventure is for the faint of heart.    Are you with me?

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