Why the Leafs…

I have wonderful old books — simply fascinating treasures.

I dare anyone to measure their wealth against my library and try to come out richer.

Even the simple act of reading titles sets me a buzz with interest.

Perhaps the history of each particular volume would add to the external charm, but what is most delicious to the mind lies between the leaves.

Ink is black gold… its characters form an inheritance expansive enough to take any individual’s breath away.


Thanks to my sister/best friend/twin, I am in possession of several truly phenomenal acquisitions:

Tom Sawyer   by Mark Twain – printed in London, England

A Girl of the Limberlost   by Gene Stratton Porter

Swiss Family Robinson (possibly a first edition), Paradise Lost, Nicholas Nickleby, A Tale of Two Cities, and others I can’t see to name.


More I have read and will read – these are purchases, some, but mostly gifts or discoveries. Each is priceless. Were I to lose everything I owned but my books, their bodies would serve to build a house with and their souls would be bread, butter, and tea for me.

Gorgeously tall bookshelves

“Honey… could you pass me that book I dropped?”

To be honest, I am falling in love with books all over again. Not just children’s books, which bring joy to the child I will never cease to be. Neither the simultaneously dense and brilliant textbooks, anthologies, etc. which leave my mind actively tingling with new information. No, these are the Timeless Books, with stories which speak to every season and event of one’s existence, displaying characters both complex and simple, both raw and long-refined who present striking resemblances to the diverse people populating our own lives.

Yes! I love to taste and experience this stunning world God Everlasting has created. And it is in this world – or others very close to touching it – where such life-changing stories happen.

My great hope is that in reading Timeless Books, they will teach me how to write a better story with my own life: to live an incredible story. Just ask Donald Miller and Bob Goff.

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