The Permanence of Love

Along with my thoughts on these Principles of Love, there are many young women who have been touched by this story, and touched even deeper by this Love. Here are some of their thoughts on Permanent Love.*

“The Shulamite couldn’t wear down His love for her. It’s like the best permanent marker ever: bold and bright and never dry. It’s so steady and ready to flow. His love is not conditional – it doesn’t require me to keep up certain requirements.”

“I can relate to the hesitancy and flight of the Shulamite. She was running away from the prime promise of His love….  never feeling like you belong with the accepted crowd. No matter what though, He’s still there at the door, peering in to see why I’m hiding myself. I’m learning how to accept His love and quit running away.”

“God is Love. It is who He is. The Bridegroom staid with the bride, His attitude unchanged. He doesn’t love any ‘better’-believing woman better than He loves me.”

It’s about Security   ~  ” ‘Will this person stick around in my life, or not?’ This love isn’t done until you die – my covenant with Him is eternal. [The King] keeps bringing up her beauty and singling her out as precious. So strong, permanent, and secure that death doesn’t end it.

“[The last chapter describes the Shulamite] ‘as one who finds peace’. While His lessons change, His character and goal remain eternally the same. He can and He does want to love me. [This means] permanent peace, no matter what is going on around us.”

“In the Hebrew language, this word is ‘olam’: meaning ‘everlasting, continuing or enduring without fundamental or marked change; with no anticipated ending’. [When Jesus asks] ‘You don’t believe me, do you?’ [I ask myself] ‘Do I?’ [Then I see His wrists and feet.] There’s a permanent mark, a scar for eternity of His love. [The Love], it’s just a gift. Learn to accept it.”

*These words are not mine but those of several other young women who studied with me. Out of respect for privacy, their names have been excluded, but the words are almost entirely their own. They deserve credit for sharing these heartfelt insights. My thanks to them.

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