Love is Permanent

"Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm" SOS 8:6

The Principle of Permanence

*Note: This post refers to Scripture verses found in the Old Testament book, Song of Solomon. In order to better understand what I’m talking about, it’s helpful to read these verses along with the text bollow.

While the Shulamite’s love and affections fluctuated with each encounter and each circumstance, the King’s love for her continued through those same things and emerged unchanged. All his heart was fixed on her and was not the slightest bit removed by her (1) self-pity, (2) indifference, (3) anxiety, (4) possessiveness, (5) neglect, or (6) lapsed passion. After every single struggle on her part he comes back with praise and an unwavering desire to be with her and to have her in his presence [1].


If you subsituted my name for “Shulamite” and JESUS for “the King” you would have a spot-on picture of my relationship with Christ:

My love and affections for Him fluctuate with each encounter and each circumstance of my life. Meanwhile, Christ Jesus’ love for me continues through those same things and emerge unchanged. As a matter of fact, one of the attributes of Christ as God is immutability: being unchanging over time or unable to be changed. God is both, so Jesus Christ is both. It is against His nature to change in purpose, character, desire, etc. All my life His heart has been fixed on me and has been not the slightest bit moved by my self-pity, my indifference, and the many other attitudes that the unsettled heart tends toward. After every struggle on my part, He comes back with praise and that unwavering desire to be with me, to have me in His presence.

Most stunning to me is that nothing I do can end my salvation, reverse my redemption, or reduce His desire and love toward me. I thought otherwise for years, and the lie comes back, but Jesus Christ proves it’s not so.

Scripture addresses from Song of Solomon

(1) Chap. 1: verse 5-6  & 1: verse 15 – 2, verse 2

(2) Chap. 2: verses 10, 14, and 17

(3) Chap. 3: verse 1-2 and 4

(4) Chap. 2: verse 16  & 3: verse 4

(5) Chap. 5: verse 2-8  & 6: verse 4-10

(6) Throughout the book

[1] Chap. 4: verses 1-5, 7, and 9-11





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