What Love is….

As this week started off with preparations for Valentine’s Day, I thought it fitting to wrap-up the whole month of February with a theme, much in the way one wraps a simple gift or a special note in some strong yet thoughtful ribbon. And what more appropriate theme could we reflect on than that of Love?

Now, when I refer to Love (notice the capital “L”) this by no means represents the temporary, superficial, undetermined, or impetuous notions of such a feeling. What I mean to touch on is that incredible, authentic sensation of being cared for in full knowledge of your deserving or undeserving condition. While there are many books and articles, “experts” and individuals on whom I might rely to understand such a concept, an ancient scroll of love letters in poetry form proves itself a faithful and honest source.

The Song of Solomon can be found in any faithful edition of the Old Testament, right after a rather depressing book titled, Ecclesiates. What you’ll read there, if you can make your way through the Hebrew poetical form and pastoral imagery, is a touching story of a simple girl who is loved by a young king, the gradual transformation of her feelings and self-perception, and the steadfastness of her Beloved.


Now guys, don’t check out at this point. With a deeper grasp of this story, you may better understand what it means for a young woman to be truly loved. And for yourself, here is a godly standard for measuring your treatment of women, your behavior in a relationship, and your control of sexual desires against. Be challenged; be inspired!

If the intro to this next series hasn’t frightened you away, I look forward to sharing what Song of Solomon has taught me and what it can teach you… if you’re willing to learn.

Blessings from the writer~

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