Discipleship Living: the Next Step in Faith

Dear readers,

I hope you have been blessed by this last week’s posts. After writing my final for Ruth & Esther class at Bible College, I felt that the personal revelations into the person of Ruth and into my own life were something worth sharing with others. Hence, the first series on my blog. Moreso today, I want to let you all know about something new that GOD has started at my church this Sunday. In obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, our church body has started a new study series called, “Discipleship Living”. For those of you not familiar with the concept of discipleship, here is a brief definition:

“the state of attempting to follow the example of Jesus or another teacher”

Interesting that even a secular dictionary puts Jesus as our first example to follow. Discipleship living is, in a nutshell, a lifestyle that strives to immitate the person of Jesus Christ by studying His character, actions, and teachings while seeking to live out wholeheartedly His commands and standards. Let me tell you up front, this takes GRACE. No one is capable of immitating the Son of GOD without help from the Spirit of God – that’s called being help-less. Along with the Spirit’s guidance, living a discipleship life requires mentors and teachers who can explain and train you, who have (and do) set an example with their lives of what it means to follow after Jesus and who have personal insight to share from years of walking with the Lord.

As a Body, my branch of the Church is taking the next 141 days to study verse-by-verse through the 10 Pauline epistles  – in order to equip believers with the Truth and an understanding of God’s Word. The epistles, as I learned in Pstr. Dave Shirley’s History of Redemption class, are our directions as believers on how to live the life that Christ set before us, as His servants and children of God. By studying these letters written by the apostle Paul to different churches and groups of believers, we gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live in God’s Grace, to fight from victory, and to draw closer to the Person of God Himself.

For any of you interested in joining with us, as brothers and sisters in Christ I excitedly invite you to study through God’s Word each day and listen along with your fellow believers to what the Lord has put on Pastor Tom’s heart. You can check out more details and sign up at: http://www.calvarynw.com.

May you abound in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ this week, and may the total joy of life in Him encourage you everyday.

K. Faylinn

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