His Name is Jehovah….

It has sounded again and again over the past 4 months – really, over the past 20 years. It is a message that is woven throughout my entire life, whose truth the Lord has patiently and graciously labored to impress upon my heart and let penetrate my stubborn mind: God wants to be my God of provision. He is Jehovah-Jireh. While fasting, while spending the night in prayer, during chapel, at Sunday night women’s study, and from the mouths of believers has come the faithful reassurance that God is fully capable and fully willing to meet my every need. Why? Purely out of love. It seems incredible to me even now, althought the concept is readily believed when it comes from a sweet guy like Boaz. So how much more with GOD? I hadn’t begun to recognize this message or the extent to which GOD means it until studying my way through the Book of Ruth.


For the next 11 days I’d like to share with you some incredible yet simple insights  – glimpses that go beyond my own immediate life to the person of GOD. I learned these things from the Book of Ruth, taught by Megan Crawford, curtesy of the Holy Spirit. Honestly, I can take no credit for discovering any of this. In fact, they are truths that I’ve known forever, it seems, but have recently been made very real and very clear in my time at Calvary Chapel Bible College. My heart’s hope is that you are blessed by what the Lord has shared with me and that you are changed by the touch of the Savior. Out of the 1,440 minutes in your day, these 5 or fewer may make the greatest difference.

Your sister in Christ Jesus, Katy

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